Corporate Governance & Compliance

The Realize Group, in accordance with the Realize Group Corporate Philosophy and the Realize Group Action Guidelines, is committed to establishing sound relationships with diverse stakeholders, and providing transparent management through fair and accurate information disclosure and establishing a compliance structure.

Corporate Governance

The Realize Group aspires to provide transparent management to maximize our corporate value through prompt decision making. We strive to establish internal control systems and risk management structures to clarify ownership within our business operations. To ensure that we conduct business in an appropriate manner, we place the utmost importance on establishing sound relationships with diverse stakeholders and provide fair and accurate information disclosure and services.


As a corporate entity conducting operations in Japan, the Realize Group is committed to establishing a compliance structure. To prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal information or any type of harassment, we provide training on a regular basis for our employees. We strive to create a work environment in which each employee is fully engaged, feels pride in their work and takes action based on the correct ethics. Our 12 action guidelines have been defined to ensure these objectives and are applied throughout the Realize Group.