Our mission – to realize the future, today.

Recently, successive events have been occurring around the world that are significantly impacting both the Japanese and global economies, altering the conditions and circumstances faced by companies and upending our personal lives and values.

These sudden upheavals demand the ability to respond to change and require goods and services to be in line with the changing times. In the future, customers will seek solutions that fulfill their ideals and demands. Foreseeing what awaits us in the future, the Realize Group is committed to creating such solutions through the world of business and contribute to today’s society in Japan.

Since 2010, the Realize Group has built a solid foundation through its engagement to help revitalize small-to-medium-sized businesses and real estate investments. In recent years, we have been working to develop a new market through Realize Corporation and its Truck Fund® initiative, which is transforming the truck transportation industry.

Our mission is to realize “the future, today.” We are committed to creating a prosperous future for our society and dedicate ourselves fully to this end. We hope you share our excitement for our upcoming initiatives.

Yosuke ImafukuPresident & CEO, Realize Group